Let me explain my position Dan Leberfeld

Before I tweeted that the Revis camp was trying to scare the Jets with the New England angle.

As I was tweeting that – simultaneously – Adam Schefter announced that Revis signed with New England.

NFL.com, where I checked before I tweeted, didn’t have the story yet.

I went to the wrong site to double-check – LOL.

So that tweet from me looked pretty bad. No doubt.

But I stand by the premise of what I was tweeting.

The Revis’ camp was leaking New England stuff, to their friends in the media, to scare the Jets into giving the corner big-money, figuring they wouldn’t want the player with their arch rival.

This went on for several hours.

The Jets didn’t cave. Idzik isn’t a “caver.” He doesn’t make moves to appease the media.

Idzik didn’t fall for the trap, and Revis signed with New England.