Lombardi: ‘This is not a good Patriots team.’ Dan Leberfeld

Former NFL GM and New England Patriots executive, Mike Lombardi, doesn’t think the 2018 Patriots are a great team.

“I think the Patriots’ problems on the road have showed up every single time,” Lombardi said on ‘The Ringer’ podcast. “They are 2-3 on the road. The last time they were 2-3 on the road — the last time they were sub-.500 on the road was 2013. They are just not a good road team. I think [Tom] Brady averages just under seven yards per pass completion on the road. The yards per attempt he’s under seven [yards]. He’s been sacked 10 times on the road. They can’t establish any kind of run game on the road. They’ve won two road games. They beat Buffalo and that was a tough game. They struggled in that game as well. The one game they won was in Chicago with Mitch Trubisky.

“To me, this is not a good Patriots team. I have been saying it all year. They struggle to make explosive plays. Josh Gordon doesn’t look as fast as he once was. I think he’s been covered up. Whether they have Gronk or don’t have Gronk, I think it is really problematic for them. When they are on the road — they didn’t have Shaq Mason at right guard, Ted Karras had to play in there — I thought the Titans did a great job. What was shocking was that [Marcus] Mariota as able to throw the ball as well as he did. And Corey Davis, here is a guy who has had one play over 25 yards all season. He had a 23-yard against the Eagles and a 55-yarder. The guy really makes plays down the field and he had seven [catches] for 125 [yards] in the game. That is not good.”