Manish vs. Joe Part I – Why don’t you agree with Jamal? Dan Leberfeld

Jets nemesis Manish Mehta had several pointed queries for Jets GM Joe Douglas on Monday. Here is the first couple of questions and Douglas’ answers:

Manish Mehta –  Daily News: Joe, you alluded to (Adam Gase’s leadership) in your opening statement, yet Jamal was explicit in saying that he didn’t think Adam was the right leader to take this team to the Super Bowl, and you have described Jamal as a leader, and Adam himself has described Jamal as an elite player, so what about Adam that you see, leads you to believe that he does have requisite leadership skills to take you guys to a title?

And secondly, on a totally unrelated note to Jamal, why did you guys talk to (guard) Kyle Long about possibly coming out of retirement this off-season?

Douglas: In terms of the Jamal and Adam question, I have seen Adam [last season] go through a 1-7 start; he was a coach who never lost patience, who never waivered from his beliefs, a guy who would get up and have the tough conversation with players, and have great communication with the team in team meetings. Everything I have witnessed in my year with Adam, I have been impressed by. Again, I can’t speak for other people

In terms of Kyle, look, Kyle and I were together in Chicago (in 2015), the conversation I had with Kyle was more as a friend. There were some ideas that were thrown out there, but it wasn’t so much the GM and the player, it was a conversation on two former co-workers catching up.


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