Manish vs. Joe D Part II – Writer contends Jets GM more concerned with future than present Dan Leberfeld

Manish Mehta had several pointed queries for Jets GM Joe Douglas at his presser. Here are the last two questions with the answers:

Manish Mehta – New York Daily News: Joe, a couple of things, one is people can perceive this as you punting on this season, being that you traded your best player a few days before camp started. In that vain, why isn’t the present as important as the future? You obviously have set yourself up potentially for a lot good things in the future, but why don’t you view 2020 in that same light?

Secondly, are there any things you wish you could have done differently. You have made it clear you have been pretty straight-forward throughout this process, but obviously it devolved to a point that neither side wanted, so anything differently you wish you had done -any regrets?

Douglas: Firstly, I would disagree with that assessment. I think when you see this team practice, and get around this team, you are going to see a team that is very hungry and has a lot of desire to prove that a 6-2 finish wasn’t a fluke, against a “soft-schedule.” I think you are going to see a team with a lot of fire and a lot of motivation. I would disagree that we are punting on 2020.

In terms of things I can do better, look, I’m in year two of being a GM in the National Football League, and I’m always going to look at things I can do better on a daily basis an on a macro level through the year. Those are discussion I will have with Adam (Gase), Rex (Hogan) and people around the building. We don’t have the hubris to think we have all the answers. I am constantly going to work on things I feel I need to improve on.


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