Mark Sanchez speaks – Part I Craig Thomas

Q)Timeout before the first offensive play – talk about it . . .  

Sanchez: That’s something we have to get cleaned up- the personnel stuff. If we don’t get the right guys in the huddle, then we’re not getting the play in until late and we’re fighting the clock at the line of scrimmage every time. So that’s one of the things that needs to be cleaned up. 

Q)What did you think of the second half on offense? 

Sanchez:  I think we just missed a couple things in the second half where we could have extended the lead. Those are the things where we need to stay sharp mentally and physically, and not have some of the mistakes we had, the penalties and things.

I’m proud of the way we took care of the football and won the game.

Q)Another strong late push by this team .  .  .

Sanchez: This year we missed opportunities early in the season and anytime you do that you want to try to make up for them. We understand the kind of Wild Card race we’re in. I think we just find a way to click and that’s important late in the season.