Maybin – “It’s a copycat league.” Dan Leberfeld

Here are the thoughts of Jets designated pass rusher Aaron Maybin about their win in Buffalo, and the challenge that lies ahead against New England –

“For the defense to go out there and play the way that we did (in Buffalo), I think we showed a lot of resilience. And I think one of the first times this season, anybody that watched the game could probably tell how much fun we were having out there. I think that overall the unit had a great time. We were out there flying around, making plays. It was good to finally see that start to come together a little bit.

“A team like New England is always going to be hungry. Tom (Brady) is a heck of a competitor and so are the rest of the guys in that locker room. Obviously, anybody that knows anything about football knows that Bill Belichick knows what he’s doing back there. So, from our standpoint, we know that they’re going to be ready to play. We’re not expecting that they’re going to come out sluggish or anything. We know that they want to win just as bad as we do, and we’re going to have to come with our A game.

“It’s a copycat league, so when a team throws a couple of looks at you that you haven’t seen before and they’re able to have success in those looks, other teams are going to try to copy that. That’s what you’ve seen (against New England the last two weeks). You’ve seen teams playing a lot of man coverage, trying to throw the receivers off those short and intermediate routes; keeping somebody deep, to make sure that they can’t throw the deep ball, and it’s rattled them a little bit. You’ve got to also recognize that they’re doing self-scout, too. They understand what these things are and they’re going to also be trying to correct those mistakes.”