My side of the story – Part I Dan Leberfeld

Bart Scott got mad at me for taking his photo while he was talking to ESPN New York’s Jane McManus.

I also took his photo talking to another reporter on Wednesday.

I took these shots for a story I’m doing on Scott not talking to the media. The angle of the photos – reporters trying to convince him to end his boycott. I also have a shot of him negotiating with Brian Costello, but I won’t use it because Bart had his shirt off.

I have staff photographers for Jets Confidential Magazine, but they aren’t in Florham Park very often, so I sometimes take photos on my Smartphone (they take great shots) of interviews in the locker room.

I take interview shots all the time. Just look around this website. There is a shot of SNY’s Jeane Coakley interviewing Mike DeVito on our front page right now.

The shots were 100 percent within the rules. The only time you can shoot a photo of a player in the locker room is when they are talking to a reporter. They player needs to be fully clothed (that is why I won’t use the Costello-Scott photo).

I did nothing wrong.

And I could not hear anything being discussed. I was too far away. I wouldn’t eavesdrop, anyway.

Remember, during Bart’s media boycott last year, he flipped the bird at a New York Post photographer.

So clearly he doesn’t want people interviewing him or shooting him.

But reporters and photographers have a job to do.