Saleh on challenge of not just focusing on defense Dan Leberfeld

He’s sticking to his mission statement to coach the entire team, and not favor one side of the ball.

When Robert Saleh was introduced as Jets head coach on January 21, the former San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator announced he would not be running the team’s defense, but instead let Jeff Ulbrich do it.

Saleh make it clear he wants to coach the entire team, and not favor one side of the ball.

But with his extensive defensive background, some wondered if he would still favor that side of the ball in practice., However, in the spring, that didn’t happen.

Saleh joked with players: “‘I’m rolling with whoever is having the best day, so it doesn’t matter to me.”

Saleh is rooting equally for the Jets’ offense, defense and special teams.

“I’m just a fan of whoever is doing great,” said Saleh. “There are moments, because you see everything that’s happening, you see offensive guys make a great play and, [you] sit back and have an appreciation for all three phases, and the work that’s being put in.”

It hasn’t always been easy for Saleh, who made his bones on the defensive side of the ball, to stay out if it.

“Obviously, it’s an adjustment, and it’s been different, but [it has] been an awesome experience,” Saleh said.


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