Jets football culture improvement encounters slight hiccup Dan Leberfeld

It’s no secret the Jets are trying to improve their football culture this year.

You see that with how they turned over their roster and coaching staff, and in other various ways.

And it’s worked to a certain degree.

You can tell in their locker room, and in games, they are a much closer team this year than last year; a more cohesive unit.

But something happened the other day that wasn’t ideal for a team trying to build a strong football culture – a player complained publicly about the offensive play-calling.

Can you imagine if somebody in New England complained about play-calling? Think about that for a second.

Todd Bowles needs to nip this in the bud and make it clear to his players they need to stay in their lanes – players play, coaches coach.

And if you do have an issue with a coach, meet with him privately.