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Madison, New Jersey – We have a few different items today on Percy Harvin, Sheldon Richardson and Brandon Dixon . . .

If the Jets aren’t careful, they are going to have a Percy Harvin explosion.

He has a volatile temper. Seattle got rid of him because he hit two different teammates.

He wanted to be a pure receiver, but they were using him as a gimmicky player – reverses, bubble screens, handoffs, as a decoy and so forth. This frustrated him.

Guess how the Jets are using him? On reverses, bubble screens, handoffs, and as a decoy. His role here isn’t much different. Against Miami, he had six rushes and one reception.

And if Geno Smith doesn’t improve his accuracy, Harvin could explode on him.

I know that sounds like an awful thing to predict, but the guy has an anger management problem.

Remember in his first game as a Jet, Smith misfired on a couple of passes to Harvin, before being pulled due to three picks in the first quarter.

Then Geno sat for three games.

In his return to the starting lineup, Against Miami, he was off-target on a deep out to Harvin, and also was high on a pass in the flat too him. You should have seen the look on Harvin’s face after this second play.

Also Harvin is a big Mike Vick-fan. They have the same agent, and are both from the Virginia Beach-area of Virginia.

Harvin has to be frustrated as heck right now, but one factor that could be keeping his anger intact is that $10 million payday on the horizon next year.

If he has an incident here, he could blow the chance of getting that money, or at least, getting a decent renegotiated figure.

The bottom line is this – Harvin wanted to become a bonafide receiver with the Jets, not a gadget player. That hasn’t happened.

And you know he’s going to be fired against the Minnesota Vikings, the team that drafted him, and the first team to trade him.

He won’t want to be embarrassed here.

I’m just being honest. The guy has a history of being a ticking time-bomb. The Jets better be careful.

I heard he was seen yelling at a teammate on the sidelines during the Jets-Bills debacle in Detroit . . .

This is the kind of nitpicking that goes on around here.

Reporters question – “What it is like to see sixth-round selection Brandon Dixon have an interception for Tampa Bay?”

Who cares?

He’s a sixth round pick Tampa Bay signed off the Jets practice squad.

He was wildly inconsistent this summer, giving up a number of deep passes in practices and games.

He didn’t deserve to be on the Jets’ regular roster.

To bring this crap up is petty.

And it rubbing salts in wounds that really shouldn’t be wounds.

The player wasn’t very good this summer.

I can’t stand what this beat has become – it’s “Gotcha Central.”

It’s a bad scene . . .

A perfect example of the scene is this Sheldon Richardson/Ferguson story.

Reporters know that Richardson is a loose cannon, so if they go over to his locker, and ask the right questions, they will get a big headline.

Manish Mehta hit a home run for his paper when during an interview about Ferguson when Richardson called officer Darrin Wilson “a pig.”

He went on to say a lot controversial things. I’m not going to get into that here. This is a sports website, not a political website.

I will just say two things.

One – When Mehta is over at Richardson locker, doing one-on-ones, the team PR people are nervous.

Secondly – Whatever you think of the case, do you think a good idea for a player on the Jets to say derogatory things about the police. A lot of policemen and the families are Jets fans. I run into them all the time.

Once again, I’m not commenting on the case, but what Richardson said is bad PR and bad for business.

There is no way around that.

December 4, 2014

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