Our take on Revis injury Dan Leberfeld

Obviously the loss of CB Darrelle Revis is a crushing blow to the New York Jets.

The #1 strength of the Jets the last couple of years has been their cornerback combo of Revis and Antonio Cromartie. In a pass-happy league, they had quite a luxury; two #1 corners.

Now they have one, so I guess that is a silver-lining to this story. How many teams, after losing a #1 corner, can still claim to have a #1 corner. Cro isn’t as a good as Revis, but he’s still darn good.

With the loss of Revis, the Jets better start getting to the quarterback more. They no longer have two guys who often can hold up on an island, by themselves for, for five, six seconds.

Also, the Jets’ offense better start playing more consistently, and stop relying on their defense to keep them in games, like they did the last two weeks.

And if Kyle Wilson doesn’t start to play more consistently, they have to be willing to try Ellis Lankster as a starter. Mike and Rex can’t worry about the bad press they will get about replacing a first round pick, which I think they are sometimes guilty of. That shouldn’t even enter their thinking.

The bottom line is the season isn’t over due to the Revis’ injury. After the next two games against San Francisco and Houston, the Jets’ schedule isn’t that difficult, and features a lot of inexperienced quarterbacks.

The Jets can still compete for a Wildcat with Revis out.

But, as mentioned before, they need more of a pass rush and more offensive production (than the last two weeks).

And if they don’t get those two things, this could get ugly.