Peter King on Favre Dan Leberfeld

NBC’s Peter King, a friend of Brett Favre, chimed on the Favre-Jen Sterger controversy.

“The wrong word to say right now is that this decision is going to be fast tracked because the decision is going to be coming up by the end of the month” King said on NBC. “However, don’t assume, as many people have today, that this is automatically going to be a suspension. It isn’t automatically going to be a suspension if he’s found guilty and culpable of this offense because he has no prior offenses in the Personal Conduct Policy in his previous 19 years…I believe they’re going to come to a conclusion within about two weeks.
“Favre has within 10 calendar days of getting the decision…to decide whether he wants to appeal or just take whatever sanction there is, if indeed there is a sanction…Regardless, this thing has a very good chance of being decided one way or the other by the end of the month.”