Q-and-A with a QB prospect not named Jameis or Marcus Dan Leberfeld

Q)What will you bring to an NFL team?

QB Garrett Grayson – Colorado State: A guy that come in right away, work his butt off, is never going to give up, that’s something, of course, as an athlete you preach. I think we showed that this past season as a team.

Q)What kind of leader are you?

Grayson: I love to lead by example, doing the right thing. I haven’t the most vocal guy, that’s something I had to learn from Coach (Jim McElwain), ways to go about that, different ways, but I’ve always been a guy who tries to lead by example, work hard, do the right things, as cliché as it sounds first guy in last guy to leave, try to be that guy for my team.

Q)Where do you think you stand in the QB rankings?

Grayson: We’re all competing to be the (No.) 1 guy. We obviously know, 1 and 2 guys are kind of at the top of this class, but as a competitor, you’re always trying to be that No. 1 guy. So every one of us – none of us are working to be the third guy, we’re all working for that No. 1 spot.

Q)How important was it for you to play in the Senior Bowl?

Grayson: That was huge, just to compete against the best in the country. I know coming from a smaller conference some guys doubt me, I know they don’t think I can play against the best of the best, to go against the top seniors against all difference conferences,that was something confidence wise for me that proved I can do it.

Q)What kind of offense did you guys use at Colorado State?

Grayson: We were pro-style. We became a little bit more spread my senior year. That was partly personnel. But we were basically as much pro style as you could get my sophomore, junior years and as I said, a little more spread my senior year.

Q)How much will that experience in a pro offense as a sophomore and junior help you on the next level?

Grayson: That was a huge decision for me, I wanted to play in a pro-style. I feel like guys coming from college who play in that system have the most success in the NFL, so it was a huge part of my decision when I decided to go to CSU – it’s something that, I think, gives me a leg up in this draft.

Seeing the guys that play in the spread, all the verbiage they’re going to have to learn to get used to, protections, everything, I’m used to it. It’s something that definitely benefits me.