Q-and-A with Bowles on Wilkerson’s rehab plan Dan Leberfeld

Q)What are your thoughts on Mo Wilkerson’s comments regarding not having a good plan earlier in the season>

Bowles: I talked to Mo, we handle every injury in-house. We report injuries. We don’t go into discussion about them. That’s all I have to say about that.

Q)Do you wish you limited Wilkerson earlier in the season?

Bowles: No. It was fine.

Q)What are your thoughts on the training staff’s plan regarding Wilkerson’s rehab?

Bowles: We handled it internally. It’s fine.

Q)Did the the training staff have a plan for Wilkerson?

Bowles: We handled it internally. It’s fine

Q)Were you surprised by Wilkerson’s comments?

Bowles: I’m not surprised by anything in this league.

Q)Do you regret playing Wilkerson as much as you did in the first six games?

Bowles: When you play football, you have a chance to get hurt. When you come back from injury, you have a chance to get re-injured. It’s all a part of it. If he stays healthy, he’s fine. He got re-injured.

Q)Why is Wilkerson still listed on the injury report?

Bowles: Because he gets less reps on one of the days than he does on the other days. If you don’t have a full practice, you automatically get listed as limited.

Q)Where is Wilkerson at physically?

Bowles: He says he’s feeling better.