Q-and-A with Nate Sudfeld, Zach’s brother Dan Leberfeld

Q)When did you start playing quarterback?

Nate Sudfeld – QB – Indiana: First year of playing was fourth grade.

Q)After wrapping up at Indiana, what did you want to focus in on and improve?

Nate Sudfeld: After the bowl game, my biggest thing I wanted to learn was how to translate my shotgun footwork. I’ve been more of a shotgun quarterback in
college. My biggest thing to improve is my under-center footwork and that part of my game.

Q)When did the potential of the NFL became something you thought about — was it a surprise or something you figured would happen all along?

Nate Sudfeld: I always looked up to my older brothers. I knew that football was my favorite thing to do from my freshman year of high school. I really wanted to play college football. I really didn’t think about the next level. I was taught to worry about one day at a time. really enjoying my college experience when I was there. when the season ended, I sat there and was like, what’s next?
I wouldn’t say I was focused on the next level and the NFL, but it was in the back of my mind and I knew I always wanted to do it.

Q)Did you feel that you left the (Indiana) program in good hands?

Nate Sudfeld: I really do. our coach got an extension after our bowl game and led Indiana to the first bowl game in 7 or 8 years. That was a very special moment for me.

Q)What kind of advice has your brother Zach (tight end for Jets) given you and how much has he helped you?

Nate Sudfeld: He’s been instrumental in a lot of parts of my life. Not many people have a brother who you’re so close with who you can talk with about this process, so he’s been awesome telling me what to expect and how to best prepare for meetings and interviews. His help has been invaluable.

Q)What’s the one attribute that makes you pro ready?

Nate Sudfeld: If I’d only say one, if I’m given a playbook and given instructions I feel like I can digest it really fast. That and I think I can
throw with anyone, if not most people.

Q)Mike Mayock suggested you were sort of rebuilding yourself fundamentally from the ground up. Is that an involved process and how are you working through that?

Nate Sudfeld: I’ve not been trying to fix my throwing motion. I thought I’ve been able to throw it pretty well. I’m definitely trying to work from the ground up and get my feet right. I’m a firm believer that bad feet leads to inaccuracy. Good feet will increase my accuracy. That’s been the big key for me, making sure I’m balanced, on time, having my feet match the routes