Q-and-A with Rex Ryan on Dustin Keller Dan Leberfeld

Q)Will Dustin Keller play on Sunday?

Rex Ryan: We’ll find out. I’m not willing to rule out any one of those guys. From Keller, Thomas, Conner, Turner, and Scott, I’m not ready to rule out any of them.

Q)Has Keller had any setbacks?

Ryan: He never had a setback. We’re listing him as questionable.

Q)Will Keller be a game-time decision?

Ryan: I have no idea. We’ll see how it progresses. (We have) 48 hours before the game, so we’ll see how that progresses.

Q)The 49ers struggle covering tight ends. Could Keller help exploit that?

Ryan: It’s funny, but everybody has troubles against tight ends. I think you can do right down the list. I think it’d be better to find out the teams that don’t, because that means they haven’t played a great one. It’s a tough match-up, where you’re putting a safety on him, do you put a corner on him, you put a linebacker on these guys, and it’s tough. They’re big bodied guys that can run. You get a guy that can run like a Dustin Keller, a guy like him that can run like the 49ers (tight ends). Both of their tight ends can run. It gives you some problems.

Q)With Hill out, can Keller help fill that void as an offensive weapon?

Ryan: Yeah, there’s no question Dustin helps that. Then we have (Jeff) Cumberland too, as a guy that can run.