Q-and-A with Robby Anderson Dan Leberfeld

Q)What has Jermaine Kearse meant to you this season?

Anderson: He’s been a good mentor. Somebody that’s kind of had a similar path to me, undrafted. He’s been around for a while and around a lot of good players and seen a lot of things. So you know, he passes that onto me.

Q)What was it like going against Marcus Peters?

Anderson: It was cool, he’s a real good corner. I like playing against him. It was cool.

Q)How much do you want the ball in big situations?

Anderson: As a competitive player, you always want the ball. Not selfishly, you just want the ball to help your team. If a player shies [away] and doesn’t really want the ball, you don’t really want to play with people like that. You want to play with people that are hungry, that want to contribute at all times.

Q)What has Josh McCown brought to this team?

Anderson: Resiliency. He keeps fighting. He doesn’t let things affect him. His energy and his passion, it’s easy to play with someone like that. It’s fun to play with someone that has the same hunger as you.