Q-and-A with Sione Pouha #nyj Craig Thomas

Q)What are your thoughts on Darrelle being out for the season?

Pouha: He’s a one of a kind player. Everybody has to do a little bit extra. Nobody will ever fill his spot or make up for the kind of talent he has. We all just need to do a little bit more. I think a little bit more is just paying attention to detail, technique and discipline.

Q)What are your thoughts on Kyle Wilson taking over?

Pouha: We always have that theme that every player (has to) practice like they’re a starter, so it’s not a ‘shock-and-awe’ when his number’s called.

Q)How tough is it for rookie defensive lineman to make the transition to the NFL?

Pouha: Whether it be Quinton Coples or Muhammad Wilkerson or Kenrick Ellis, these guys (are) light-years ahead of when I was a rookie. It took me a little while to get in. (They’re) really mature for such young players.

Q)How is Coples doing as a practice player?

Pouha: I think Q (Coples) kind of understands, “Okay, this is how things work, this is how I fit into the scheme of things.” He’s always had great effort, but I think it’s almost becoming more of a second nature to him and that’s where you can see the blossom take place.