QB stats in the spring are reckless Dan Leberfeld

Charlotte – Word out of Buffalo is the Bills are clamping down on what the media can report from spring practices.

The days of Rex Ryan being media-friendly seem to be coming to a close.

“Media cannot report who is on the 1st team, 2nd team, who is ‘rushing the passer, dropped passes, INT’s, QB completion percentage, etc,’ tweeted Tyler Dunne of the Buffalo News.

I don’t agree with some of these new rules, but I do support disallowing the reporting of QB completion percentage.

That is reckless and irresponsible.

The spring is about teaching, learning, developing chemistry, things of that nature. To report a quarterback was, let’s say, “8-16 passing” in this sort of practice, is unfair. Often quarterbacks are working for the first time with new passing targets, like recently-acquired wide receivers and tight ends. In the spring, they are looking to get on the same page and work out the kinks.

So to report completion percentage is spring practices is devoid of context.

I’m glad the Bills are cracking down on that.

And I hope other teams follow suit.

As for some of the other new rules, a number of them are superfluous.

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