Macc won’t say what traits Jets need in QB, but I will Dan Leberfeld

Mike Maccagnan was asked Monday what he’s looking for in a quarterback in this draft, and he wouldn’t answer.

“I don’t want to sit here and say this is how we see players because, as I mentioned earlier, everybody is trying to figure out what the other team is trying to do,” Maccagnan said. “From a competitive standpoint, there’s lots of things we look at from a quarterback from the physical standpoint, from an intangibles standpoint.”

Maccagnan won’t get into, but I will. Here is what the Jets need from the QB they will likely pick with the third pick of the draft . . .

*He must enter the building as an accurate thrower.

*He can’t be a one-read quarterback who telegraphs his passes to his primary target.

*He must be a guy who smoothly goes through his progressions – one, two, three, checkdown, throwaway.

*He must be extremely tough-minded with strong drive and determination.

*He must be somebody who is confident and composed on the field and can rally a team from behind.

*He needs a big arm and the ability to make all the throws – he must be able to drive the deep out.

*He must have good pocket presence and not feel pocket ghosts (pressure when it’s not really there).

*He must be smart, hard-working and passionate about the game.

*He must be the first one in the building and last one to leave.

*He must be an alpha-dog leader.

*He needs to be highly competitive with terrific intangibles.

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