Rare interview with Jets scouts Dan Leberfeld

It’s very rare that these guys speak to the press, so the fact that two Jets scouts were quoted recently is newsworthy.

Jets scouts Jay Mondolesi and Dom Green recently spoke to Eric Allen and Ethan Greenberg on a podcast about the challenges of scouting this year, with limited access to evaluate prospects (like no practice access during the season).

“There’s only one shot for these kids to perform on Pro Days,” said Green. “In the past, the kids had the Combine, all-star game opportunities. This year, for a lot of these guys, it was all boiling down to one day.”

Mondolesi did a lot more work at home this year than in the past via phone and Zoom. So he saw his kids a lot more than a normal scouting year.

“This year one of the benefits has been being able to be a dad a little more,” said Mondolesi. “I can take my kids to school, which I’m usually not able to do. At same time I have a job to do. It’s like a radio station, when doors shut I’m on the air. At the end of day I still have a job to get done.”

Both added they feel the Jets’ new coaching staff gave them a clear vision for the kind of players they are looking for.

“The coaches did a tremendous job of letting us know what they like,” Mondolesi said. “We have a better feel for what fits in to their systems, and now we go back to find the type of player our coaches want. They showed us the traits they really like. They’ve been really active in letting us know their standards.”

“We have a clear, concise vision of who they want to build with on both sides of ball.,” Green said. “Our job is to find out what players can do and what they can’t do.”


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