Jets receivers better study their playbooks very hard


If you don’t know what you are doing, he’s probably not going to throw to you.

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers is so meticulous, that if a receiver doesn’t run the route exactly right, at the right landmark, and he doesn’t trust you to do things right consistently, he’s not going to throw to you very often.

The four-time NFL MVP has exacting standards, and if receivers aren’t students of the game, and do what Rodgers expects them to do on a given route, they could get frozen out by the legendary QB.

“It’s understanding Aaron and what he sees and how to adjust and how to run whether it be a route, whether it be a concept . . . there are so many different intricacies that you have to get a feel of,” said Jets offensive coordinator Nate Hackett.

So while on break until training camp, the Jets receivers better keep their heads in their new playbooks.


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