Rex is staying in the moment Dan Leberfeld

Perhaps it comes from the influence of John Idzik.

Perhaps Rex Ryan had an epiphany.

But no matter how much people try to bait him into making a long-term commitment (for the season) to Geno Smith, he won’t do it.

Ryan has said repeatedly over the last few weeks, he’s just taking things one game at a time, and refuses to look past the next opponent.

“I think you get in trouble when you put dates on things instead of just (focusing) on the one week, and that’s for our team,” Ryan said.

“We want everybody to make sure that they understand this is where our focus is. It’s not going past one week. I think (when) you look down the road, you don’t take care of your business.

“With us, everything we do is focused on Buffalo and that’s where it should be. For us to comment or for me to comment about things past that, I don’t think it’s good for our team.

“Everything we do, every bit of our focus is on the present, on our situation right now which is playing Buffalo and preparing for Buffalo. That’s where it is. Anything beyond that, we’re not looking at.

[Geno Smith] is the guy this week. So is David Harris, so is whoever. That’s what we’re looking at. A lot of things can happen. To us, we just handle our business this week and then, after that, we’ll handle our business the next week. We need to take that approach each week as a team and that’s certainly where our focus is.

“I think I get it more. I think I get it more now where it’s like hey look, our fans and everybody else need to know it’s about the moment. It’s not about anything else. It’s about the present and the team that we’re up against. I think there’s no reason to look past this opponent.”