Rex on Cro’s bravado #nyj Craig Thomas

With Darrelle Revis out with an injury, Antonio Cromartie feels he’s now the best cornerback in the league.

What does Rex Ryan think of Cro’s bold statement?

“I love it; I absolutely love it,” Ryan said. “Now he has to go out and prove it, but I absolutely love it. As a corner, you have to have that kind of confidence. For him to say it, number one, he’s telling everybody he believes it, and I think that’s not half the battle, but it’s a big part of the battle.

“If you think you’re good enough to go out there and man up against the best in the league, because you’re certainly going to be challenged, and he’ll have that opportunity. I’m happy he feels that way. Does it put a little bit more pressure on him? Maybe so, but when you’re out there by yourself, I don’t know how much more pressure you have than trotting out there by yourself.”