Rex Ryan is wrong – Adam Gase was right! #NYJvsNE Dan Leberfeld

After penalties on two straight plays, and his third of the game, Adam Gase pulled Jamal Adams for the last five plays of the Jets’ loss to Cleveland on Monday.

ESPN’s Rex Ryan ripped the decision to pull Adams for five plays.

“They benched Jamal Adams. I was like, ‘What?'” Ryan told ESPN’s Rich Cimini. “That pissed me off because I love that kid. He’s the guy that represents the Jets. I’d kill to have a guy like that. I love that mentality. Hey — you know what? — you may beat us, but by God we’re going to beat the hell out of you. I’d rather go down that way, with people that will go down swinging than, OK, let’s accept losing.

“That pissed me off. If they have that mentality, they ain’t gonna beat anybody. But if they have the mentality of this Jamal Adams, they’ve got a chance.”

Why did Gase do it?

“I thought (Adams) was getting fired up pretty good and I clicked over, and I was like, ‘Hey, we need to be careful here.’ Because I was worried that something bad was going to happen, we need him for the next week,” Gase said. “They were smart and they pulled him off. I said, ‘Just calm him down,’ and then we were off the field. To me, I didn’t look at that as benching, that was more like, ‘Hey, let’s just calm him down.’”

Ryan is wrong. Gase was right.

Gase is trying to fix a football culture that was broken when he arrived.

By pulling Adams, and benching underachieving cornerback Trumaine Johnson, also against Cleveland, he sent a strong message to his team, that anybody is replaceable, no matter where you picked in the draft, or how much you make.

Gase is trying to bring accountability and discipline to the Jets, something that was lacking under the previous two regimes.


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