Rodgers challenges teammates to improve in this area


Not only can Aaron Rodgers help the Jets with elite QB play, but he can also help as a “winning” consultant.

His record as an NFL starting QB is 147-75-1. While he has just one Super Bowl ring, he would probably have more if not for some mismanagement around him, like the Green Bay Packers special teams two years ago, which were awful and cost them a playoff game.

Rodgers knows what a winning formula looks like, and that fact that he’s a very blunt individual, he’s going to provide the kind of “blunt force trauma” the Jets needs in meetings and the practice field, to help them take the next step. He’s not going to blow smoke.

Like this quote from the spring, which didn’t get a lot of attention:

“I want to see just more communication between the whole team,” Rodgers said. “I think that’s how we take the next step, is to talk about the things that give us the most issues.”

So he is challenging his teammates and coaches to take communication to a new level.

An example is, he wants to see Jets wide receivers and cornerbacks talk more to help them hones their respective crafts. While they all want to win their battles in practice against each other, Rodgers feels it’s important for players, on opposite sides of the ball, on the same team, to have more skull sessions giving insight, like, “Sauce telling Garrett what’s hard on him,” Rodgers said.


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