Rodgers missed the buffer last year Dan Leberfeld

Former NFL QB David Carr doesn’t think Rodgers slipped last year, but something else was at play.

Carr feels the departure of coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to become the head coach of Denver in 2022, led to offensive dysfunction.

“I think the real rub between (Matt) LaFleur and Green Bay and with Rodgers was really schematic,” Carr said on NFL Network. “And I think the one guy who was able to calm all that noise down was Hackett.”

Carr feels that Hackett was a great buffer between LaFleur and Rodgers, who butted heads at times last year with Nathaniel out of the picture.

Carr feels Rodgers operates best when the coordinator gives him the play and autonomy to make the necessary changes at the line, almost like a pseudo-offensive coordinator.

According to Carr, Rodgers like it this way: “Give me the formation, let me decide what play I want to get into and trust me, trust my arm talent and trust I can make the right throw.”

And Carr added, “You get the Aaron Rodgers where Nathaniel Hackett lets him do his thing and makes him feel comfortable, [they] are going to be a really good football team.”


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