Ryan on Sanchez Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan feels the perfomance of Mark Sanchez on the final drive, is a testament to how much he’s grown since last season.
“I don’t think that Mark Sanchez would have made that throw last year,” Ryan said about the deep, late pass to Santonio Holmes that drew a flag. “I truly don’t think he would have. He probably would have thrown underneath to try to make it, but (this year) he had the presence of mind to say ‘I’ve got one-on-one coverage out there. I’m going to throw it to a great football player who’s down in the end zone and either Tone’s going to catch it or they’re going to have to foul him. And he launched it up there and that’s exactly what happened. But his presence… he said, “You know what? I don’t have a throw underneath and I’m going to take my shot down the field,’ and I was really proud that he made that decision.”