Saleh sets the record straight on what is going on Dan Leberfeld

What is training camp for?

It’s clearly for teaching things like the playbook and technique, along with gaining chemistry with teammates.

It’s not about style points, and certainly not QB stats.

So when a reporter asked Saleh recently about Zach Wilson’s struggles, based on the reporter’s assessment, the coach shot down the premise.

“The reality is, the result is, especially in training camp, is a much bigger deal for you guys (the media) than it is us,” said Saleh. “It really is. His process is exactly where we want it to be, his study habits are exactly where we want it to be, his demeanor on the practice field is exactly where we want it to be. But the result is, that’s a pacifier to make people happy. He’s going in the direction that he needs to go. He’s got the right mindset; he’s doing everything that he needs to do and when it clicks it clicks.”

“Clicks” is an interesting word to use here.

While Saleh is using a different context of the word, media QB stats are good for clicks, so that is why they are done.

So that is why they are never going to stop.

But Saleh hopes his QB is ignoring this stuff and believes he is.

“He really doesn’t care about the noise,” Saleh said. “He doesn’t care about any of it. He’s focused on getting himself ready to be the best quarterback in the league and we’re all in love with his process.”


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