Saleh disagrees with narrative Dan Leberfeld

Robert Saleh feels it has nothing to do with that.

Earlier today, before Zach Wilson ended his brief holdout and agreed to terms with the Jets, Saleh was asked about how this might be hurting his team’s fresh start.

“I get outside perception, outside narrative – “Same Old Jets,” whatever – it has nothing to do with any of that, everything to do with a business transaction and, when it gets done, it gets done,” Saleh said. “In here, guys are working, there’s 89 other guys that are trying to make a living. They’re counting on us to put forth our best effort as coaches and as an organization to put them in the best position to succeed as individuals. Everything’s going to piece together. Everything’s going to be fine.”

Just a few hours after Saleh said this, the player agreed to terms after missing two practices.

And the brief holdout had nothing to do with the team’s history.

It had to do with getting a deal done that both sides were happy with.


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