Salt Lake City Writer Q-and-A with Zach Wilson Dan Leberfeld

*Alex Vejar, Salt Lake City Tribune: Zach, just had a couple questions about your high school years at Corner Canyon. I’m curious, when you were there, what did you feel stood out about the athletic program?

Wilson: At Corner Canyon I would say it all stemmed from the Head Coach. We still have a great relationship me and Coach (Eric) Kjar. Just the way he pushes those guys to work hard in the offseason. They had 6 A.M. lifting everyday, he’s making sure everyone’s running track, they get after it. He calls a great offense as well, it’s a very explosive offense that takes shots down the field.

Vejar: With going to BYU after graduation, you said you had a good relationship with Coach Kjar, you’re watching from afar, they won those three state championships. Where do you think they rank in terms of maybe other programs in Utah, are they a dynasty now or do they have a couple years to call themselves that?

Wilson: I don’t know. I know they’re the best right now. I know they’ve been the best the last couple years, I don’t think it’s going to slow down. Corner Canyon, they got a lot of talent that flows through that program. They’re going to keep improving and those guys work hard over there, I think they’re going to be successful for a while. 

Vejar: Zach, just generally how are you enjoying NFL life? How are you enjoying the city, the new surroundings and all that?

Wilson: It’s awesome, I love everything about it. What a great place to come to work every day. It’s seriously a dream come true, I don’t know if there is a better job in the world. I think it’s cool just because (New) Jersey is a great place to be able to focus on football. You got the city close by if you want to go in and have some good dinner or go to a game, but when we have to focus on what’s going on this is a good place to be. There’s a lot of great people out here, very nice community, the facility is awesome, and I enjoy being here every day.

*From June 16 Wilson Press Conference


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