Sanchez Interview – Part II Dan Leberfeld

Q)Should people stop talking about how the Jets can never seem to win after a bye-week?*

Sanchez: It wasn’t the amount of time off, it was just our execution the last few years in those games. The practice leading up to [Buffalo game] was exactly what we needed, and we’re going to need that again this week for a divisional game.

Q)How supportive were you teammates after the interception on the first drive?

Sanchez: Guys know that I can battle and that I can play through adversity. It’s obviously frustrating because you let those guys down, that’s the worst part of it for me. I’m not worried about making bad throws or bad reads, I can get those right, I know I can fix that. You hate to let your guys down, so that’s what it feels like when that happens. We bailed ourselves out of a couple penalties and a sack early, and to go down there and give them one like that, give them a cheap one, it never feels good, but those guys rallied behind me and I appreciate that.

Q)What are your thoughts on the New England game?

Sanchez: It’s going to be a big one for us.

Q)What happened on the botched shotgun snap?

Sanchez: It was just a crappy catch, bad catch. Shouldn’t have happened. Stupid.

Q)How does it feel to be back in the division race?

Sanchez: We know that the next three weeks, with two divisional opponents and then another AFC opponent, it’s going to set us up nice. We want to make a good run in these three games in 18 days. We really needed to focus and eliminate distractions. When you’re in the building, give your attention, give your effort and let it show on Sunday. We’re going to need a great effort and we can’t turn it over against those guys next week.

*Moronic question