Sanchez taking win in stride Dan Leberfeld

One lesson Mark Sanchez learned over his first three years in the league – don’t get too high after a win, or too low after loss.

So he’s not interesting in the vindication angle being pushed by some following the Jets’ 48-28 win over Buffalo.

“One game isn’t the season,” Sanchez said after the game. “It’s not to prove anything to anybody else other than our team. Regardless of what the opinions are outside of our building, they don’t affect us. That’s the most important thing moving forward, is worrying about each other (and) caring about each other. (We need to) keep practicing harder and remember this feeling today. I told the guys in the locker room, ‘Remember this because it took a lot of work to get here, so just don’t throw it out the window. It doesn’t just happen on Sunday. It takes six days to get here and a great day of execution to have this feeling.’ So, (there is) no vindication at all.”