Saturday Night’s alright for Whispers

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New Jersey – The Whispers just keep on coming. Saturday night Whispers include a look at Revis and Cro and their commentary on a certain topic . . .

Why are we putting a picture of a trailer (or modular home as some people like to call it) on the front page of the Website?

Well, a couple of years ago, the Jets had two of these trailers set up in the back of their field house. They were right next to the media parking lot, so I walked by these every day.

These were call centers, housing a bunch of temporary workers hired to sell PSL’s and season tickets, boiler rooms, if you will.

About a year ago, they got rid of the trailers. They felt they didn’t need them anymore because they had sold out most of the stadium.

Recently, I noticed one trailer was back. Inside, there are seating charts on the walls.

I’m sure a lot of you have noticed, on the internet, or on the airwaves, myriad ads for Jets tickets.

Obviously, there are a lot of tickets available, so the call center is back.

In all fairness, this isn’t just a Jets problem. A lot of teams around the NFL are struggling to sell out their games, thanks to a bad economy, high gas prices, and the advent of inexpensive flat-screen HD televisions, that make the home viewing experience better than ever.

I was watching the Seattle-Kansas City game last night. It was the Kansas City feed, and they were pushing tickets throughout the broadcast, for as low as $30 a ticket.

It’s rough out there for NFL ticket departments. Why do you think the NFL offered teams, “The 85 percent rule,” where teams could avoid blackouts by selling 85 percent of their tickets.

Woody Johnson says the Jets will be sold out no matter what, but that will likely be based on people buying up single game tickets, not committing to season tickets . . .

A prominent Jets beat writers is about to leave the beat for another position. Stay-tuned . . .

The Jets’ corners obviously have little respect for the team’s wide receiving corps.

First Antonio Cromartie says he’s the second best receiver on the team, and now Revis criticizes Jets management for not providing Sanchez with enough weapons.

Both these guys were clearly out of line. Even if you feel that way, why say it? Because if you say it, you are insulting teammates like Jeremy Kerley, Stephen Hill and Patrick Turner – the current weapons aside from Santonio Holmes, who doesn’t seem to be part of this narrative.

And remember how Rex was going to take control of the locker room, and make sure this is a closer team than last season. Well, how does this rhetoric from Revis and Cro fit into Rex’s desire to create a stronger bond in the club house?

This locker room bears watching. It remains to be seen if this team really is closer than last year’s group.

You have Revis and Cro making these comments that are insulting to guys in the locker room. You have players like Matt Slauson and Dustin Keller ticked off about their contract situations.

And of course, it remains to be seen how this Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow scenario works out.

So I’m not ready to anoint this “The Good Ship Lollipop,” just yet.

August 25, 2012

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Dan Leberfeld
Dan Leberfeld
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