Mo saying he “let the team down” wasn’t enough for some Dan Leberfeld

Muhammad Wilkerson was late for work last Friday, and was left home from the team’s trip to New Orleans to play the Saints.

On Wednesday, he said, “I let my teammates down. I respect what coach did. We’re moving forward, getting ready for the next opponent.”

But that wasn’t enough for some. They wanted him to say he hasn’t earned his salary, and they weren’t going to take “no” for an answer.

“Everybody is entitled to their own opinion,” Wilkerson said. “I feel like I’ve earned everything I’ve got.”

Perhaps he hasn’t earned his big-money deal, but do you think he’s going to admit that to people who have been smearing him non-stop?

Also, keep in mind, some of the people who think he hasn’t earned his salary don’t understand his role in the Jets’ scheme.

They are obsessed with sacks.

While Wilkerson is probably overpaid, keep in mind he’s a 6-4, 315-pound defense end. Guys in that position rarely get big sacks numbers. The big sack numbers in a 3-4 defense should come from the outside linebackers, ala Von Miller and Justin Houston. The Jets need to find somebody like that.

So a heads-up for Jets fans – ignore the reporters who are obsessed with Wilkerson’s sack total.

They need a primer on how the Jets’ defense works.