SI’s NFL/political columnist Peter King likes the Tebow move Dan Leberfeld

Sports Illustrated NFL/political columnist Peter King likes the Jets trade for quarterback Tim Tebow.

“There are many more football people who think Tim Tebow with the Jets is a dumb idea than who think it’s smart,” King wrote on “As one GM told me during the meetings: ‘Just watch it ruin Mark Sanchez. He can’t take the booing as it is. With Tebow subbing for him every game and the pressure to get the ball to Santonio Holmes, Sanchez will crack.'”

“I disagree, vehemently. I don’t know if Tebow’s ever going to be a starting quarterback in the league for five or six years, or for any length of time. But I do know he can be an asset to a winning team. And if Sanchez can’t take the pressure, that’s tough. He should play somewhere else.

“I thought Tebow was going to be used five to eight snaps a game, but listening to coach Rex Ryan in Florida, he sounds like he’s open to more — up to 20 — with the field spread, near the goal line, on two-point conversions, and maybe even using Tebow as the personal protector on the punt team. Having a defense in alert mode for Tebow will be a benefit no matter how accurate he is. Or isn’t.”