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it’s time for a helping of Jets Website Whispers, with notes on Tim Tebow, New Jersey, Mark Sanchez, Darrelle Revis and Bill Belichick . . .

Tim Tebow didn’t move to Hoboken after all

“I’ve never even been to Hoboken,” Tebow said today.

Smart move. Honestly, for an NFL quarterback, considering the hours they put in during the season, Hoboken is too far from Florham Park.

Tebow is now realizing what other new Jets’ players quickly realize, the Jets train in a beautiful area – deer running around, hills, and farms in the vicinity.

“The New Jersey part is not too different (from where I grew up),” Tebow said. I grew up on a farm (in Jacksonville) and they said, ‘Ohh, you’re flying into New York City and you’re born in a rural area,’ it’s actually very nice and it’s very different in the city. This is more similar to what I grew up in.” . . .

Mark Sanchez is very careful with what he says to the media, and rarely lets his guard down, but if you listen very carefully, there is often a money quote, mixed in, that sheds a little light on how he truly feels.

He was asked about how Tebow will feel about being a backup.

“Fortunately for Tim he has the ability to do other things and that’s why he’s on board,” Sanchez said.

This is what Sanchez has been told, and is buying into – Tebow has not been brought in to compete for his job, but to do other jobs, like the wildcat . . .

Santonio Holmes and Sanchez both accused the media of blowing their late season “rift” out of proportion.

“I mean, ridiculously (blown out of proportion),” Sanchez said. “(It was) out of control. That was way overblown. But it was good. It gave us something to laugh about and move on. We’re good.”

“From my perspective and Marks’ perspective, everything was blown out of proportion,” Holmes said. “We never had any real serious disagreements. All that stuff was just blown up from other people. We let it be. That’s why we never talked about it… That’s why we never cared to share anything about it, because we know nothing happened.”

“Nothing happened?” Perhaps the media did blow it out of proportion some, but it’s an overstatement to say “nothing happened.”

Holmes, the top offensive weapon on the team, was thrown out of the huddle in Miami. That isn’t nothing. How often does that ever happen in the NFL?

Also, Holmes refused to attend a late-season meeting called by Sanchez.

An unnamed Jets player called Holmes “a cancer” in the New York Daily News, and another player told the NYDN that the team needed to get rid of him. These players said this stuff right after the season, on the heals of what happened in Miami.

I’m not saying they can’t move past what happened, but things happened, and it took a few meetings, and time, to heal the wounds . . .

Why did Darrelle Revis go off on Bill Belichick today?

Because of what Bill Belichick said to his son walking off the field after beating the Jets in “The Met.”

Belichick said something vile about the Jets’ defense.

I will say this, and I’m not defending Belichick’s disgusting comment, but it was a conversation he was having with his son, and somebody eaves dropped on the conversation.

Belichick shouldn’t have said it, but it wasn’t supposed to be for public consumption . . .

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