Just win baby


Does any of this stuff matter?

A couple of supposed “big” stories this week involving the Jets’ new QB.

On Wednesday, Aaron Rodgers spoke at the Psychedelic 2023 conference to talk about his experiences with ayahuasca. a psychoactive brewed drink.

Also this week it came out that Rodgers, and some business partners, started a crowdsourcing campaign to fund a project called “Online Sports Database (OSDB).” They are reportedly looking to raise $1.25 million.

America’s NFL gadfly took exception to a wealthy NFL player looking for fans to fund a business venture.

Is Rodgers forcing anybody to invest? So what is the big deal?

Whether it’s some eclectic tea he likes to drink, or a new website, none of this should really matter to the Jets Nation.

He can do whatever he wants with his free time, as long as he comes out in the fall and plays great football for Gang Green, perhaps making them a Super Bowl contender.

That is all that should matter to the Jets and their fans.

All this other stuff is just noise.


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