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Florham Park – Never a dull moment at One Jets Drive, and today was no different. Let’s get into some news and notes from the Atlantic Health Training Complex . . .

It’s pretty clear that Rex Ryan hammered into the heads of his players today – “Forget the Buffalo game, it’s in the rear view mirror – all the focus needs to be on Pittsburgh.”

In their press conferences, Mark Sanchez, and then Santonio Holmes, repeatedly, had to tell reporters, “Buffalo is in the past, we are focused on Miami.”

The repeated this mantra over and over again.

And believe me – they had to repeat it a lot, because the press was really harping on Buffalo for some reason.

It seemed like overkill to me . . .

Sione Pouha on whether he will play on Sunday – “Probably, I feel like it.”

And they need him.

According to a league source, he has a bulging disc in his back . . .

I have to be honest with you, I still have no idea why Patrick Turner was released yesterday. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve asked, and I still have no answer.

The roster spot still hasn’t been filled.

If they had a need at another position, you would have thought they would have plugged in somebody else for Turner at this point.

And it doesn’t sound like he got an injury settlement.

One source close to the Jets said, “He’s fine.”

But I spoke to him Monday, and he said he hurt his hamstring against Buffalo, and was getting treatment for it.

So how could he not get an injury settlement?

Personally, I don’t think Tony Sparano likes him. Remember, he cut him in Miami . . .

On C.J. Spiller’s 56-yard touchdown run, he broke three tackle attempts on each level – DE Quinton Coples, LB Bart Scott and S LaRon Landry. What a great way to motivate all three position groups to tackle better – show them this play.

Better tackling has been a major focus at Jets camp this week . . .

Aaron Maybin had no tackles against his former team. I know he wants to be an every down linebacker, but still has a ways to go. In the third quarter of the Jets-Bills game, Maybin was pancaked by LG Andy Levitre on a Spiller gain of six off the left tackle.

Maybin works hard in weight room, but he has limited growth potential with his slender frame, and his build seems to hurt him in the area of shedding and stacking . . .

Late in the first half, LaRon Landry was beat down the left sideline for a 30-yard reception by Spiller, but stripped the ball out.

There are positives and negatives to this play. Landry was beat solidly on this play – that was the negative. The positive was the sheer power he displayed in stripping the ball. He has arms the size of most people’s legs.

Landry was a force as a tackler against Buffalo, but was a little shaky in coverage.

On the Bills’ first possession, TE Scott Chandler beat Landry for a gain of 13 on the right side.

On the Bills’ second possession, on a third-and-one, TE Lee Smith beat Landry for a gain of five on a square out on the right side.

David Harris got beat a few times by Chandler.

You just have to wonder if the Jets’ coverage of tight ends is really going to be better this year. It just doesn’t seem that way, based on the summer and first game.

September 12, 2012

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