The myth of hiring an offensive-minded coach Dan Leberfeld

If the Jets make a coaching change, some think they must hire an offensive-minded coach.

No they don’t. They just need to hire a really good coach.

This offensive-coach angle is a narrative that really doesn’t hold a lot of water.

For instance, the Tennessee Titans hired Ken Whisenhunt this year after he did a terrific job as the San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator in 2013.

How’s that working out for their offense?

Don’t get me wrong. I think that Whisenhunt is a good coach, and has a terrific offensive mind.

But if you don’t have a true answer at quarterback, there is only so much an offensive-guru can do to resurrect an offense.

Once again, I go back to Whisenhunt. He got the coaching job as the Arizona Cardinals in 2007 after doing an excellent job as the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator.

He had success when Kurt Warner was his quarterback, but then when Warner left the building, the offense fell apart.

So no, if the Jets make a change, they don’t need to hire an offensive-minded coach.

They need to hire a top-shelf coach with vision, leadership and so forth, and also need to fix their quarterback situation.