The sky isn’t falling for the Jets


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Injuries are never a good thing.

And you don’t wish them on anybody.

But based on my observations of camp so far, I’d rate the quarterbacks this way – 1)Joe Flacco 2) Mike White 3)Zach Wilson.

I can’t rate Chris Streveler because he hasn’t received any reps in camp, though he did play in the preseason game in Philadelphia and tossed a TD pass to tight end Jeremy Ruckert, and then the game-winner late to wide receiver Calvin Jackson.

As Bill Parcells always used to say, “I go by what I see fellas.”

Getting back to the top three quarterbacks.

Flacco and White have been better at going through their progressions and have been more accurate than Wilson.

Wilson has been too much of a “one read and dash” QB in camp.

So if Wilson is out for a stretch, which I don’t wish on him or anybody, the Jets should be okay.

I don’t cover hype, I try to cover reality.

Wilson’s first pass of the game, a square out to rookie wide receiver Garrett Wilson, was high and wide. A few plays later, he threw a pick to linebacker Kyzir White. The pass was telegraphed, with the quarterback staring down his first read, and taking the linebacker to the ball with his eyes.

Once again, not wishing any ill will on Wilson, and hopefully the injury isn’t serious and he’s back soon, but anybody who acts like the sky is falling hasn’t been watching practice very closely

Flacco and White have looked good all camp, and now Streveler flashed in Philly, so the Jets should be okay if Wilson is on the shelf for a stretch.

One thing on Streveler:

As I mentioned early, he’s received zero reps during practices. With such limits on practice time due to the current CBA, it’s hard to get four quarterbacks reps, so all the practice reps have gone to Wilson, Flacco and White.

So every day after practice, he stays long after practices, with receivers like rookie free agent Irvin Charles and former USFL wideout Rashard Davis, and gets a lot of work in, an is often one of the last players off the practice field.

The extra work he’s put in after practice, certainly paid off in Philly with his two-touchdown performance. The former Arizona Cardinal is a gamer . . .

The Jets starting defense wasn’t very good early in the game, giving up two touchdowns. True defensive end Carl Lawson and linebacker C.J. Mosley didn’t play, but there were still plenty of front-line players out there.

One of the two touchdown drives was extended with linebacker Quincy Williams hit quarterback Jalen Hurts as he ran out of bounds.

It was kind of reckless play on third down that kept the Eagles drive going.

Here is what I find a little perplexing:

Why wasn’t he pulled from the game, at least for a couple of plays, to send him a message?

Don’t get that one.

Culture . . .

Safety Jordan Whitehead is going to help the Jets a lot.

The Jets didn’t get enough plays in pass coverage from their safeties last year. On the Eagles’ second offensive series, Whitehead had a heck of play, breaking up a pass in the end zone. This guy looks like a steal in free agency . . .

Linebacker Jamien Sherwood played well on both defense and special teams.

Some young defensive ends looked good for the Jets – Jabari Zuniga, Tim Ward, Bryce Huff and Michael Clemons . . .

Jets starting defense still needs some work tightening up their zone coverage, like when Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert was wide open for a 22-yard touchdown catch . . .

August 12, 2022

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