The X-Factor QB in the draft


Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray is likely going to slip to the middle rounds due to a knee injury as a senior, but it wouldn’t be shocking if he turns into one of the draft’s better quarterbacks. Here is a chat with the Tampa-native . . .

Q)What do you think teams think of you?

Murray: I have 52 games for them to watch. They have a lot of film to analyze and critique and watch and see what they like.

Q)Does it give you advantage over some prospects because you had so many college starts?

Murray: Yeah, the success, how long, playing in the SEC definitely helps as well, playing against top competition week-in and week-out. So like I said, a lot of film, so we’re just going to try and find the right match.

Q)How much do you think your knee injury as a senior will hurt your draft stock?

Murray: It might, but like I said, I have 52 games. I think I have more film than any other quarterback in this draft right now. So, I think they have plenty of film to watch of myself.

Q)How do you prevent your height from being a disadvantage?

Murray: I really haven’t had any trouble at all. I think it was two or three years ago we had, on paper, the biggest offensive line in the world. We had the biggest offensive line in college and pro. We averaged like 6-4, 6-5, like 320 pounds, and I threw for like 35 or 36 touchdowns that year. So, no problems at all.

As a quarterback you’re not really looking over offensive linemen, you’re looking through throwing lanes. You just have to be able to use your feet, maneuver around the pocket, be able to stay in the position and throw the ball accurately and deliver the strike.


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