The simple answer to Moore’s issue Dan Leberfeld

Elijah Moore was triggered when a reporter pointed out he had no catches against Green Bay.

“If I say what I really wanna say, I’ll be the selfish guy…we winning,” Moore tweeted. “Grateful! Huge blessing! All I ever wanted. [Bitter] sweet for me, but I’ll be solid. So I’ll just stay quiet. Just know I don’t understand either.”

It’s actually not hard to understand.

The Jets need more completions in their passing offense. Like against Pittsburgh, they were 18-36 passing. So only 50 percent of the passes were completed.

Against Miami, they had 14 completions, and then they went 10-18 passing for 110 yards against Green Bay, with 41 yards coming on a pass to Corey Davis. The rest of the passing stats were nine completions for 69 yards, so not a lot of catches or yards for anybody. Don’t you think Garrett Wilson was a little frustrated also, finishing with one catch for 8 yards against Green Bay?

If they can complete more passes, like a Kansas City, Buffalo-type offense, and spread the ball around with myriad completions, everybody is happy, because everybody is eating.

So we do know what is going on.

Not enough completions.


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