“They have tremendous drive, tremendous want-to.”


It’s a work in progress, but it seems to be heading in the right direction.

Obviously, the proof will bear itself out in the won-loss record, but it seems like the Jets made some progress this off-season improving their roster.

Not just the talent of the roster, but the football character.

“I think Joe Douglas and his staff have done a phenomenal job, with regards to the character of men that have been brought into this building,” said Jets coach Robert Saleh. “They have a tremendous drive, tremendous want-to.”

Whether it was in the free agency or the draft, Douglas and Saleh had strict guidelines for who they added in terms of toughness, work ethic and character (and obviously talent).

“They’re made of the right stuff,” Saleh said about the current roster. “They’ve just been a pleasure to work with. Like I said, everything has been great.”

But as Saleh has said over and over again, we will find out even more about the players when adversity hits this summer and during the season.

“We’ll see what happens when there’s adversity,” Saleh said. “True character of all individuals showcases once you hit adversity. But, as of now, everything has been fantastic.”

We will see how this turns out, but when you add the right kind of people, when adversity hits, they oftentimes can handle it pretty well.

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