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This trio should have Jets fans pumped up . . .

Jets fans should be really excited about the three-headed monster (I say monster in a positive vain) running their three sides of the ball.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter announced today that the Jets are finalizing a deal to make Gregg Williams defensive coordinator.

So that means they will have Williams running their defense, Brant Boyer running their special teams and Adam Gase running their offense.

That is a superb trio of strategist overseeing each “side” of the ball.

There is a lot of talk that Williams is a 4-3 coach and the Jets played a 3-4 for a long time so there will be a lot of square pegs in round holes.

I think this is being blown a little out of proportion.

Look, if you have Von Miller and Bradley Chubb as 3-4 outside linebackers, or Justin Houston and Dee Ford, yes, you have a problem because you could mess up these dynamic duos of OLB’s.

But with the Jets, this isn’t a big deal since they didn’t have anybody emerge as a dynamic OLB, so who are you messing up at outside linebacker who is a transcendent talent?

On the defensive line, Leonard Williams will be fine in Williams defense. Williams will make that work because Leonard is really athletic. You can mark that down. Williams and Williams will work well together.

The big question would be Henry Anderson, who had a solid year for the Jets this year. He’s not a great fit for the 4-3. This would be the biggest question mark in the transition. He’s a free agent, so he might end up signing with a pure 3-4 team. Henry knows he’s best in a 3-4.

But who else on the defensive line is such a difference-maker where you worry about changing the front on them?

So they have no game-wrecking outside linebackers, and two defensive linemen who flashed this year in Williams and Anderson, and while Anderson is good, if he leaves, the Jets will live to see another day.

Mike Pennel had his moments, but needs to be more consistent – he was too often handled by one blocker for his size and strength. I really don’t care what that analytics site that everyone quotes said. I see a guy who has to assert himself on a more regular basis. He’s too hot and cold.

Avery Williamson can play in either defense.

Maybe Darron Lee is a better fit for Williams defense, but unless he plays downhill better, I don’t think Williams is going to love his playing-style. Playing downhill means nailing the ball-carrier and stopping his forward momentum so he’s stopped in his tracks or goes backward. With Lee, too often ball carriers continue trickling forward after he hits them. This won’t fly with Gregg Williams.

Gregg Williams is a great defensive coordinator, and a heck an addition for the Jets.

And this switch from the 3-4 to the 4-3 isn’t a big deal in Florham Park, because honestly their front seven wasn’t loaded with talent.

Sometimes when a team has built a 3-4 defense over a long stretch, and switch to the 4-3, it’s a mistake because it neutralizes a lot of the elit talent.

I don’t see that problem here.

And this DC is so good at his job, the coach actually transcends the talent he inherits.

This is a great hire.

And this is potentially one of the Jets’ best troika of unit (offense, defense and special teams) leaders this organization has had in a long time.

January 15, 2019

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Dan Leberfeld
Dan Leberfeld
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