This guy showing great leadership out of the gate Dan Leberfeld

This guy has only been with the Jets for a short time.

But he’s wasted no time in becoming a mentor to young linebackers.

Talking about veteran LB Kwon Alexander.

He signed with the Jets on July 28, and has quickly taken a bunch of young Jets linebackers under his wing.

After practice on Sunday, he spent a long time on the field working with young guys like Hamsah Nasrildeen on technique and the blocking sled.

Alexander already knows the system after playing for Robert Saleh in San Francisco, so he arrived comfortable with the scheme and assignments.

Don’t be shocked if the speedy instinctive Alexander ends up starting.

But whatever his role ends up being, he’s clearly showing that he’s willing to pay it forward to the young linebackers, even if they are competing for the same job as him.


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