McCown mentor angle a bit overblown Dan Leberfeld

It has been said one reason the Jets signed Josh McCown was to be a mentor to Christian Hackenberg/Bryce Petty.

This angle is so overrated.

He was brought to Cleveland to help mentor Johnny Manziel. How’d that work out? And I’m not even talking Johnny’s off-the-field problems. I’m talking about Johnny on the field, his bad decisions, and his tendency to feel pocket ghosts and take off running too much. There wasn’t much the QB mentor could do about that. It’s about instincts.

How much did mentor Mark Brunell help Mark Sanchez with the shortcomings in his game? How much did David Garrard help Geno Smith? How much did Ryan Fitzpatrick help Bryce Petty?

Sanchez, Smith and Petty aren’t great at going through their progressive scans. They tend to fall in love with their first read. Not much a mentor can do about that when the real bullets are flying.

Can Josh McCown help Hackenberg and Petty with little things here and there – like studying film and line calls? Perhaps

But other that that, don’t expect him to be some magical quarterback whisperer.

And it’s Jeremy Bates job to coach the quarterbacks, not McCown.

The Jets need McCown to go out in 2017 and do a solid job quarterbacking their team.

If he’s able to teach the Jets’ young quarterbacks a thing or two along the way, that is gravy.

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