This player could have big year for the Jets Dan Leberfeld

He’s flashed in training camp this summer, just like he flashed during his rookie year in 2018.

Talking about Jets tight end Chris Herndon.

Herndon and Jets QB Sam Darnold clearly have a good feel for each other on the field.

“[Chris] and Sam have a unique chemistry I think,” said Jets coach Adam Gase. “You guys were able to see it their first year (2018). And when I watched these guys, we saw it in training camp last year.”

Gase noticed that Darnold and Herndon are very good at connecting when a play breaks down.

“When things go horrifically wrong, those two guys find each other,” Gase said. “When those guys hook up on third down, there’s something there, they just have a good connection to where Sam knows where Chris is going to be, and Chris knows where Sam’s going to throw it, and they just seem to hook up the majority of the time.”

You never have to take Herndon off the field because he shines both as a receiver and blocker.

“Having him back and, not only in the passing [game] but Chris is one of those guys you don’t have to take off the field, he can do everything,” Gase said. “From his ability to pass (protect) and run block, he’s a unique guy. And as long as he stays healthy and that’s what that’s we’re hoping for and he’s trained extremely hard to make sure he does, that’s a huge weapon for us.”

The Jets missed him a great deal last year, when he hardly got on the field due to a suspension and injuries.


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