Is the sky falling on the Jets because they traded a safety? Dan Leberfeld

Been hearing the same thing over and over the last five days.

The Jets traded their best player.

One person asked the GM if he is “punting on the season” by trading Jamal Adams.

This idea that the sky is falling on the Jets because they traded a safety, who does his best work in the box, is ridiculous.

“The guy had seven passes defended last year and one interception; he’s a dominant run player – make no mistake about it. He doesn’t cover anybody,” said VISN’s Mike Lombardi on July 24, the day Adams trashed Joe Douglas and Adam Gase in the Daily News.

I wouldn’t say “he doesn’t cover anybody.” That was clearly hyperbole for emphasis, but the bottom line is he’s not an elite coverage safety. He’s serviceable in coverage, but his strength is playing the run and blitzing, two things he’s very good at.

So for Jets GM Joe Douglas to get two first-round picks, a third-round pick and starting safety (Bradley McDougald) for safety who excels in the box, and is just okay in coverage, is quite a haul.

So this best player thing is so misleading. They didn’t trade a franchise QB, dominant pass rusher or shutdown corner.

Maybe Adams was their best player. Maybe a healthy C.J. Mosley is. Maybe Le’Veon Bell is with a better line. Maybe a new candidate emerges this year. We can debate that.

But the point is, if you can’t overcome the loss of a safety, who does his best work in the box, what kind of football team do you really have?

So let’s chill out with this “they traded their best player narrative” like it means they are doomed.

In the NFL, is a safety really going to lead you to the promised land?


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