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Watching yesterday’s Jets OTA practice closely, I reached this conclusion about the Jets’ unsettled quarterback situation. Here is where I’m at . . .

Geno Smith can have a long career in this league as a #2 quarterback, and don’t mean that to be derogatory. That’s a good job if you can get it.

In my opinion, he’s a guy who can finish a game for you, and get you through a few games, but he’s limited in what he can do as a full-time, long-term answer.

And what I said about finishing a game for you, and getting you through a few games, describes so many quality backups in NFL history – guys like Frank Reich and Pat Ryan come to mind.

Why am I saying this today? It’s because what I saw yesterday, and obviously in the past as well.

You probably saw some reports that the Smith looked very good yesterday.

There was a pick late in practice, but who cares? That is going to happen.

But let me add a qualifier to the theory he “looked good.”

It was similar to what was doing early in training camp last year before he got punched.

Like last summer, yesterday, he was checking down like crazy, taking a lot of safe passes.

So to me, you need to keep that in mind. Most of the passes were short. He was as conservative as William F. Buckley.

Hey, it’s okay for a backup to come in a game and do that – play within himself, so to speak.

But how far are you going to go with a starter taking this approach? You will win some games, but this approach certainly limits your ceiling.

And you want to know what, Brandon Marshall would throw a fit playing with a QB taking this approach.

Geno Smith, like so many young quarterbacks, isn’t keen on “throwing people open” as the football expression goes.

So many young quarterbacks are so scared of throwing picks, and getting ripped apart by the fans, media and coaches, the idea of throwing a pass to an area, where a guy is actually covered, is a scary concept to them.

Smith, like a lot of young quarterbacks, wants to see the receiver flash open, and then he releases the ball.

So much of the great work between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Marshall last year was Fitz “throwing Marshall open.”

Fitz will throw the dice and throw to Marshall, and sometimes Eric Decker and Quincy Enunway, when they are covered. Sometimes this got him in trouble, but often the results were terrific.

I see so many fans on twitter and other social media platforms saying the Jets should move on from Fitzpatrick. They are fed up with the contract dispute. I say, “hold your horses.”

I disagree.

Even with Fitz’s warts, he’s clearly the Jets best option for 2016.

Watching Geno Smith on Wednesday, I saw a quality #2 QB.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

June 2, 2016

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Dan Leberfeld
Dan Leberfeld
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